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Welcome to the OWOA Homepage for the 2016-2017 wrestling

2016 Fall OWOA State meeting - Information/registration brochure
Executive meeting - Friday Nov 11, 2016
State Officials Clinic - Saturday Nov 12, 2016

Minutes from the 11-13-15 Board of Govenors meeting

Bulletins of information for the 2015-16 season
Oct 15 Bulletin - Manual corrections and reporting to the table
Nov 15 Bulletin - Many discussion issues and Merkle and eye poke reviewed
Dec 9 Bulletin - Hair coverings - the changing look to the equipment
Dec 15 Bulletin - General information, case manual discussions, additional explainations and clarifications
Jan 5, 2016 Bulletin - Head trauma, MS overtime, shirts, undergarment, slapping the mat for bottom mant stalling, and weigh-ins

Jan 8, 2016 Bulletin - Injury time use, unsportsmanlike conduct
Feb 4, 2016 Bulletin - Ultimate tie breaker, Spring officiating classes, neutral starting line, illegal headlock postion, Shoes & shoe laces

Minutes from the 11-13-15 Board of Govenors meeting
Minutes of Board of Governors 3-13-15

OHSAA concussion report form for Officials
Authorization Reentry form - NO longer used

Skin Condition form for Physician - Must be used for ALL SKIN ISSUES

President: Nevin Taylor - email ntaylor@columbus.rr.com

Vice President: Dick Loewenstine - email rloewenstine1@gmail.com

Secretary: David Detec - email ddetec@mbpu.com

Treasurer: Rich Carpenter - email ricarpen@yahoo.com

Historian: Dan Cutcher - email cutchref@aol.com

Director of Officiating Development- Wrestling: Jim Vreeland - email vree66@gmail.com

State Rules Interpreters:
Dick Loewenstine - email rloewenstine1@gmail.com
Ray Anthony - email ctfire210@aol.com
Jim Vreeland - email vree66@gmail.com

Interpreter Emeritus:
Vince Matteucci - email vmat1@mac.com
Lyle Smith - email ljsmith31@sbcglobal.net

WebMaster: Jack Kruse - krusejack@gmail.com


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